Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an island nation in the Caribbean. It should not be confused with the Commonwealth of Dominica that also offers a second passport or economic citizenship program.


The Dominican Republic is a young, dynamic country of about ten million people with excellent opportunities and a wealth of natural resources including fertile land, mountains, and gold, silver, nickel and bauxite.


The Dominican Republic is recognized worldwide as the pioneer of free trade zones and has attractive incentives for foreign investors, including an expedited route to citizenship that Kevelex lawyers understand the ins and outs of. It’s also a great place to live: an all year round tropical climate cooled by sea breezes, inexpensive beachfront real estate and luscious green mountains.




Documents required, scanned in advance, in order to arrange appointment:


  • Copy of passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of police certificate from your home country (FBI report for Americans)


On receipt of the documents by e-mail we will set up an appointment for you to travel to Santo Domingo. You will need to be there for just one working day to take a medical test and apply for residence. You can apply for citizenship after 2 years.