Online gambling worldwide is expected to grow to over USD $56 Billion in 2018. This is a completely legal business provided it is operated in the correct jurisdiction and the proper license is obtained. The USA does not like this business - it wants everyone in the world to gamble in Las Vegas or Atlantic City so it can control the money. But from Central America and the Caribbean, to Europe, Africa and Asia, it is perfectly legal. We can assist you in obtaining the offshore gaming license that you will require as well as assist in obtaining the company and merchant account that is necessary for a successful operation.


The offshore gaming license can be used for all kinds of game of chance activities, such as sports betting, sports book, manual bookmaking, online casinos, virtual reality and second life games, virtual stock markets, forex-based games and binary options. (Binary options may also be operated under brokerage licenses depending on the exact business plan; different jurisdictions have different definitions, we can advise).


Kevelex have many years experience of regulated entities. We can help you develop the right business plan in English based on your ideas and submit this to the right regulatory jurisdiction so it will be processed quickly and efficiently to get you up and running.


We will also introduce you to the right banks, payment processors etc so you can collect funds from your customers.