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Secure Crypto Currency to Physical Gold OTC Exchanges

Secure Crypto Currency to Physical Gold OTC Exchanges

Bitcoin, Ether and Tether have these days has acquired the status of a “reserve currency” in the roller-coaster world of crypto currencies. Day traders or ICO investment bankers and market makers earn their cash in more exotic crypto currencies but nothing beats Bitcoin as the store of value.

Or does it?!!!  Here at Kevelex we have been helping clients buy physical gold since years before Bitcoin was even launched.  Physical gold, such as gold bullion and coins, is a timeless hard asset which has always had value and always will – it has withstood the test of time. Physical gold provides the ultimate insurance for your wealth against whatever may happen in the crypto currency arena.

People who are smart enough to have made millions in crypto should also be smart enough to realize that they should keep part of their portfolio in hard assets. Fortunately, that is just what we are seeing.

There are two major obstacles to overcome – well, actually three. Security and Confidentiality go hand in hand and need no further explanation. The other is the banking system, which still has a very anti-crypto agenda. Traditional banks are not very keen on Gold either, for very similar reasons. They would much rather you just moved back and forth from one of their crypto investment funds into “paper gold” such as an ETF.

Fortunately, there is the solution: exchanging your Bitcoin or other crypto currency directly for physical gold, or vice versa. You can take your physical gold and walk away into the sunset with it, bury it in your garden, or you can still find traditional anonymous safe deposit facilities in gold-friendly countries such as Switzerland and Austria. What you do with it is your decision.

Every deal is different, but Kevelex can take care of every aspect. We can act as an independent third party, even down to arranging physical security for physical handovers, and secure shipment across borders including handling all customs paperwork.

Feel free to contact KEVELEX for further information!

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